Digitisation and the emergence of transliterate writers

Will intelligent literature survive the new world of web downloads, e-books, and the ever shortening attention spans? John Walsh highlights the shifting cultural trends and its impact on the world of literature, here.

“Will books exist in 50 years? Definitely, but they will also be just one of the many ways we experience art. I feel quite cynical about the cloak of preciousness that’s been woven around the novel: it’s such a recent medium – we’ve only had it a few hundred years and yet you often hear people say, ‘We’ve always had novels.’ No we have not!”

Amazon’s Kindle is one of the many new electronic reading devices designed to keep pace with today’s growing constraints.

1 Response to “Digitisation and the emergence of transliterate writers”

  1. 1 Josh P.
    September 16, 2008 at 4:16 pm

    Very interesting article and suppositions about the possible “extinction” if you will of paper bound literary works. It seems that this move away from books as a society might only be a result of the television obsessed that are unable to attain enjoyment and intellectual advancement through reading in this medium and can only stand to be force fed supposed insight without having to search for it. There will of course in my lifetime always be people that see intrinsic value in paper literature and those that don’t. I myself will continue to utilize the necessity of books combined with the occasional cigarette and good espresso. We can only hope that people invested in thralldom or anything that would attempt to limit paper literature in the public sphere be pushed aside and laughed at. Well, my two cents anyway.

    Josh P.

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